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Val lived most of her life in a tabaxi trade village in the middle of nowhere (Kattwaren). As a teenager, she was renowned (and sometimes reviled) for her skills as a downhill speed racer. The more traditional members of her village looked down on her rebellious streak, but her intelligence and mechanical prowess earned her some respect.

Val settled into an open relationship with her mate, who ran a "herbal supplements" shop, and had three kids. When those kids wanted to take some artificing lessons, with the local guild, she went with them and gave it a shot. Though her kids went on to do other things, Val continued building and tinkering. Eventually, she gained enough expertise to become the guild master and build bigger, better constructs. To improve travel for local traders, she began work on a construct capable of carrying heavy loads over long distances.

Everything was fine until a few drunk human traders started harassing the construct outside the local tavern. Val responded by arming her creation in self-defense. To quote her statement in the night watch's report: "The humans broke my robot. So I broke their legs." She was forced to retire from her guild after this incident; her departure is still a sore subject.

With her mate comfortably settled down and her kids grown up, Val decided to take her creation (named Storhund) on the road. She joined Purity to fund some much needed upgrades: Stor gets beat up a lot during field tests.

Val isn't a huge fan of her village's conservatism, but she really misses her kids sometimes. She's not an alcoholic, but she does appreciate a good drink now and then. Recently, the Guild commissioned her to work with dwarven artificer Hugh Mann to create robot pets for Guild adventurers.

LEVEL 2: Went into a ruin and retrieved some artifact.
LEVEL 3: Stole booze from a "haunted" house and saved a kid (maybe two).
LEVEL 4: Killed some fish people, stole their sword, and got the party attacked by a mimic.
LEVEL 5: Had a brief fling with a sexy tiefling pirate girl. Broke into a library, stole some more booze, shot a lot of monsters, and traded magic items with some gremlins.

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