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Tobias became a mortician/priest of Jergal after a plague killed the majority of his village, including his sister's newborn. He wanted to comfort the living and give proper respect to the dead. During his tenure, he encountered a strange woman who lingered outside his church. He confronted her one night, found out she was a vampire, and died staking her. The next night, he rose as a vampire, hid in a prison crypt for three weeks, and got staked by a birdman and a bunch of other weirdos.

In the Underworld, Tobias met with Jergal, who wanted to send him to Hell for becoming undead. Tobias argued that he became undead by no fault of his own and died in protection of his church. Jergal threw him out, unwilling to compromise. Tobias wandered down a bridge in interplanar space until he met a woman tasked with keeping wayward souls on the path to one of many afterlives. The two talked, and she pointed him towards Hades, the forgotten Lord of Death and Final Judgment.

Through some effort, Tobias made it to Hades' domain and managed to get a meeting with the god. The two bonded over their respect for the dead and belief in a fair afterlife. Tobias expressed his desire to atone for his brief undeath so he could avoid damnation. In turn, Hades hired him as a cleric: in exchange for serving his remaining human years, Tobias would be able to join his family in the afterlife.

Once he broke out of a grave where his remains were buried, Tobias was fully alive once more. Hades provided Tobias with a staff made from his own coffin and a holy symbol to mark his rank as the head and only cleric of the Final Judgment. He worked as an undertaker (and counselor) for Purity until Hades ordered him to start doing field work.

LEVEL 2: Assisted with the investigation of several cult-linked murders in the Styes
LEVEL 3: ???

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