Neville Chamberlain

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Played by: Allen

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Born onto the world of Aereleth, the young goblin was given the name Skree. It was a difficult existence, because the world of Aereleth was dominated by its human inhabitants. All other races of the world held under their thumb, because the human leaders had made pacts with a powerful devil named Xoglemoch. They were given power over all species in the world, and to the delight of their Devil patron, they made those species suffer.

Goblins of Aereleth are still primarily an evil or at best neutral leaning race, as you'd expect having encountered the race on any other material plane. Their evil simply just doesn’t stack up to that of the twisted humans who enslave them. Therefore, all goblins inevitably gain healthy doses of fear and hatred for humans.

It was apparent from early ages that Skree was different from his goblin kin. For one thing, he refused to answer to the name Skree and insisted that all call him "Neville Chamberlain". He said it was a name that better fit his "Intellectualitiy." He also began keeping a pet rat, that he dubbed "Winston Churchill." This was unsual because any other goblin that Neville had ever met would just see Winston as lunch. Neville begain having frequent conversations with Winston, insisting to others that the rat was his only true peer.

Unknown to others, Winston Churchill began stealing arcane texts from the humans that kept Neville and his kin imprisoned. It was from these texts that the young goblin satiated his growing mind with teaching himself to practice the spells contained within them.

So, Neville continued on this way. Learning magic in secret because it would mean his death if discovered by his captors, and would mean shunning from his own kin who thought the only appropriate magic came from the divine through worship or innate ability. "Book Magic" was the domiain of the vile humans, and no self-respecting goblin would want any part of it. It would be five years before he had his chance for freedom, but Neville did not hesitate when it presented itself.

His escape starts off very uneventful. He noticed one day that only a single guard was protecting the locked exit from the mines where he was interred. Combining a couple illusions, he made the sound of a crying human baby down a side corridor. When the guard came to investigate, he found not Neville but what appeared to be a naked, injured child. He scooped up the magically disguised Neville and hurriedly made way for the exit. When he unlocked the gate, Neville dropped the illusion and took a bite out of the guard’s nose before running away.

Neville hid in the human city for weeks, subsisting solely on crumbs that WInston Churchill (his true and loyal companion) scavenged for them both. After many sleepless, hungry nights the gobiln began entertaining thoughts of surrender. But then, one evening a shiny portal opened before him.

Having never seen a portal before, Neville didn’t know quite what to do. It was Winston Churchill who leaped first through the shimmering circle. The goblin followed his friend through, and they both landed in the center of the guild of Purity in the city of Sigil.

They were met by a haggard human. Before Neville could run, the human slid a piece of shimmering metal around his bicep. "The guildmaster is expecting you in his study," the human said and walked a few steps before turning back and adding, "Come on then."

Neville hesitated, but when Winston began following the young human, that was enough to convince the young goblin it was the right move.