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Lorig was a typical halfling for the first twenty-five years of his life, comfortable with his home, extended family, and unhurried, peaceful days. Then one day he returned to his village from a walkabout to find his entire community slaughtered in their homes and fields.

Almost nothing of value had been taken, but most of the bodies had been savaged in a bestial, brutal way. Over the next few weeks, Lorig passed through the shock of this experience and resolved to bring peace to the tortured souls of his kin through vengeance.

Setting aside both his family name and what happy memories he could force away, Lorig set upon his journey of revenge, vowing that he would never return to this place of his birth. There had long been rumors of a great Snakeman Necromancer in the marshlands to the north, and it was this foul create that Lorig believed responsible for the slaughter of his kin. Lorig journeyed to the swamp, and spend weeks observing the lizardmen who served the necromancer in both life and undeath. These long weeks taught Lorig much, but he had yet to defeat a foe in mortal combat.

Finally, one late afternoon as an early dusk fell over the swamp, Lorig closed in on a lone lizardman zombie he had trailed for hours. Blinded by rage, he forgot the lessons of the previous weeks and assaulted the creature recklessly. Some time later, his consciousness returned, and he found himself amid a pile of bones, fists red with his own blood and eyes now blinded by tears.

Some noise had aleterted him-he had only a second to see the lizardman warrior standing over him, axe raised for a fatal blow. In the last light of the dying day, the axe flashed down, straight at Lorig's head.

Pain blasted through Lorig's body. He turned desperately away, knowing it was too late, any defense futile. Moments passed, the pain subsided, the fatal blow did not come. When Lorig looked up, he found that he was no longer in the insect-infested swampland, but in the clean, gleaming corridors of the Guild of Purity.


    • Alignment: True Neutral**

Lorig has abandoned any pretense of adherence to law or justice, as the world did not afford such to him; however, his halfling nature still prevents a turn to outright evil.

    • Favored enemy: Undead**

Lorig believes it must have been the undead servants of the Necromancer that killed his clan.

    • Favored terrain: grassland**

The terrain in which Lorig played as a child and worked his brief adulthood.

    • Bonus language: Lizardfolk**

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