Lacuna Cain

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Like many drow women, Lacuna Cain was conscripted into Lolth's priesthood at an early age. A natural musician, she often led the congregation in hymns to praise the Spider Goddess. Her hurdy gurdy brought a strange comfort to her kin: they'd never heard anything like this instrument before. It made them feel almost hopeful. When she began writing her own songs, she would practice them for her captive audience of the high priestess's concubines. They took comfort in her presence and were healed by her songs. One even began an illicit relationship with the young priestess.

The high priestess blinded young Lacuna with acid and threw her out into the Underdark. She spent the next five years learning to survive with her disability. Like the spiders, she learned to use sound as her prime method of hunting. She found relief in her solitude: she'd managed to smuggle out her hurdy gurdy undamaged. Her songs had strange effects on the beasts of the Underdark: none of them came near her save for a seven-legged spider she adopted and named Miles.

Hearing her songs, the goddess Ellistraee appeared to Lacuna and guided her through the darkness (and some sexy stuff). They took a liking to each other, and the Dark Dancer gave her paramour divine power. Lacuna's eyes were healed but she chose to leave them blank white as a reminder of her trials in the Underdark.

Lacuna joined Purity to expand her musical skills, have a safe place to live, and help more people.

LEVEL 2: Met a bunch of ignorant humans, insulted a pirate to death, and got one-shot by another pirate
LEVEL 3: Fought bearded devils, sort of helped solve some murders

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