Juvenile Bank Slime

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Wondrous Item, Common

Thanks to the efforts of several bands of Purity Guild adventurers, the rockgnome alchemist Bardon Forin has been able to put his old research to use with several new discoveries to create a new strain of slime! Derived from his original royal-slimes, he now introduces his Juvenile Bank Slimes!

While unattuned, a juvenile bank slime is nothing more than an inert pile of slime. Once attuned, the slime becomes animate. This tiny slime is a roughly 1-foot blob of translucent color, featureless save for two curious eyes at its front. Despite its size, it bears an extra-dimensional interior that can absorb a vast amount of material similar to a bag of holding.

A juvenile bank slime can hold up to 100 pounds of material (~5,000 gold coins at 50 gold coins per pound). It weighs 10 pounds, regardless of its contents. Retrieving an item from the juvenile bank slime requires an action, and items retrieved do not bear any residue from the process. Creatures other than the slime's attuned character can neither place items into the slime, nor retrieve items from it.

A juvenile bank slime can take in all manner of objects, but cannot intake creatures. However, the juvenile bank slime was designed for coins and gemstones. While coins and gemstones can be placed into and drawn from a juvenile bank slime without issue, any other item has a 5% chance of being permanently consumed within the slime. When retrieving any item besides a coin or gem, roll a d20. On a 1, the item has been consumed by the juvenile bank slime and can no longer be retrieved.

Despite being animated once attuned, they are immune to spell effects that target creatures, and while kept on a character's person a juvenile bank slime may not be affected by spells or abilities that could not otherwise affect an attended object.

If a juvenile bank slime receives damage, it becomes unattuned and returns to being an inert pile of slime, expelling any items within it into the nearest spaces available. (Each item that is not a coin or gem is still subject to a 5% chance of being lost) It may be re-attuned to, at which point it becomes animate again and functions normally for the attuned character.


Source: Bardon Forin [1]