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Born Jeph'ney Gurdaswoman, Jeph was from a band of orc warriors notorious for their fierce raids, fears of apocalyptic dragon attacks, and notably matriarchal society. Daughter of an orc warrior and her concubine, a scholar named Stivson. Learned to read and write, which gave her a slight edge over her tribemates. During her first raid, Jeph got knocked unconscious by a flaming projectile and had a vision of a giant brass dragon that shot fire in her chest without burning her. When she woke up, she had a target-shaped mark of bronze scales over her heart. Her father was sold off in exchange for ale.

Jeph slowly discovered she didn't see eye to eye with her tribe--especially when she kept "accidentally" burning down the punishment stocks after "accidentally" electrocuting her sparring partners. She took time to practice her common by talking with captives and prisoners, earning ridicule and more time in the stocks. Whenever she burned something, the scales on her chest spread to other parts of her body. One day, while everyone prepared to destroy a nearby town, Jeph snuck in and spied on the villagers' peaceful lives. Knowing her tribe was wrong and fed up with all the senseless destruction, she torched their entire camp at midnight. The town saw the fire and drove off the orcs.

Jeph sought asylum with a band of monks who helped her improve her literacy and anger management skills. She left the monastery on the advice of her mentor (Guild Quartermaster Luther) to find her dad and make amends with his family for the tribe's brutality. After months of jobbing, trekking through the Red Steppe, and accidentally committing arson, Jeph stumbled through a portal to Sigil. She joined Purity because she needed money and wanted library access.

While Jeph does not regret razing her camp, she has no desire to see another orc for the rest of her life. Given the opportunity, she will hoard books even if she can't read the language (must be the dragon thing). She has a tendency to skin things and use the leather for new clothes, and likes to tie her enemies up with rope. Cats tend to like her because her body temperature is higher than normal. She feels outclassed compared to her peers (particularly one goblin wizard) and has a history of low rolls. She doesn't appreciate smaller creatures riding her as a mount (even if they are kobolds).

She's recently started to embrace her draconic heritage and confront her fear of dragons.

LEVEL 3: Really hates water and fish. Especially when demon fish-gods are involved.
LEVEL 5: Although raised faithless and skeptical of deities, might have had a change of heart after an encounter with Chronos.
LEVEL 6: Nearly died in a random dungeon.
LEVEL 7: Got the chance to show her softer side by protecting a kid who'd been cursed by a demon (because trauma sucks). She also adopted a cat and named it after that kid.
LEVEL 8: Burned a bed that was transmuted into a white dragon to near-death so a crab could kill it. Turned into a T-rex with lightning breath and killed a shadow drake with a lot of fire.
LEVEL 9: Trained a lot, got brass trim on her armor, added some new ropes to her collection. and killed a LOT of hobgoblins with fireballs.
LEVEL 10: ???

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