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Played by: Aaron


Grow up in mountains. Small clan. We hunt and trade with short-beards [Dwarves]. Fur, color rocks, other short-beards. They like us. I learn talk like short-beard. Short-beards like color rocks. I like mountains. Trees. Bears. Deer. Good water. I learn hunt and track. Track fun like game. I chop wood for fires with maul. Maul good for smash too.

Clan give me trial. Bear hunt. Big fight. Bear claw across chest and I fall over. I see Gruumsh. He give me look with one eye, say I find more for him. Say "Ishkur! Get up! You tough and strong, Orc!" Tough and strong, like clan. I get up and win fur. Clan happy. Drink grog from short-beards.

I work with clan and hunt and trade. At sleep, see Gruumsh. Gruumsh say "Ishkur! Go Round Door City! More things you find!" Clan say yes. Short-beards say bring back more color rocks from Round Door City.

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