How to Add to the Chronicle

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Create a new page for the session you want to write about (easiest is to write it in search box and then choose to create it when wiki tells you that page doesn't exist).

Name your session. Start with the date formatted like "YYYY-MM-DD" (i.e. January 1, 2018 becomes 2018-01-01). Your adventure would have a name like: "2018-02-17 - The Adventure of Dungeons and Dragons"

Then, use this layout to format your post so that it matches others: (Of course, update the session overview information to match the date and participants of your game)

  7 March 2018|
  	<li>[[Iotas]] (Bard 4)</li>
  	<li>[[Lorig]] (Ranger 4)</li>
  	<li>[[Westley]] (Bard 2)</li>
  	<li>[[Missy]] (Rogue 2)</li>
= Summary =
Summary of events, can even break this down into multiple Acts if you wish with sub-headings.

= Character Death s=
Who died? Or "NONE" if no one died.

=Treasure Awarded=
* X number of gold
* A Magic Item
* A potion