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Code of Conduct

  • Be courteous and respectful of other people at the table.

Rules at the Table

  • All minors (anyone under 18) can play at our drop in games but must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the DM, all player shopping will take place on the guild shoppe here and will take place outside of our sessions.
  • It's expected that players level up outside of the game and come to their games leveled up. If they need help, a DM can be available 15 min before a game to help them level up.
  • No looking up rules during combat encounters. The DM will make a ruling, and we can always find out the book rule later.

Character Creation

  • PCs will start at Level 2
  • Ability Scores can be determined by 4d6, Standard Array, or 27 Point Buy (as explained in Player's Handbook)
  • PCs can use anything from the published books when creating or levelling up (PHB, Elemental Evil Players Companion, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything), but no Unearthed Arcana or Homebrew
  • More detailed character creation rules can be found in: Character Creation
  • Also more help can be found at

Character Advancement

  • Upon joining the guild for employment, each player receives a guild arm band (does not require atunement). Cannot be removed from the character's body (short of dismemberment). Over the course of the PC's career they will earn runes that appear on the arm-band as a visible indication of their rank in the guild. The arm band will also teleport the wearer from anywhere in the multiverse back to the guildhall by speaking its command word (different for each member and engraved on edge of armband).
  • For each session (mission accepted), characters receive 1 rune for accepting a job from the Purity guild. Upon satisfactory completion of the task, they receive a second rune. If the party goes above and beyond the call of duty, they may even be granted a third rune. These runes appear on the guild arm band and are a visible way for characters to indicate their ranks within the guild.
  • To advance to the next level, they must earn a number of runes equal to the next level. For example, they would need to earn 3 runes to advance from level 2 to level 3, and another 4 runes (total of 7) to advance to level 4.
  • On Death, the guild arm band automatically triggers the "portal to home" function and brings them back to guild location with all belongings on their person. The guild will then restore the character to life, at the guild's discretion there could be fees passed to the character for the cost of their resurrection.

Special Rules

Guild Ranks (Character Level)

Level Total Runes
2 0
3 3
4 7
5 12
6 18
7 25
8 33
9 42
10 52
11 63
12 75
13 88
14 102
15 117
16 133
17 150
18 168
19 187
20 207