Heivalur's Ring of Martha Summoning

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Heivalur’s Ring of Martha Summoning


Wondrous Item (ring), Unique (attunement required)

The elven sorcerer Heivalur once saved the life of a young pony named Martha. This was when he was just beginning his adventuring career. The pony later died, but little did Heivalur know that the spirit of that Martha’s spirit had then begun watching over him. The spirit longed to find a stronger way to support the sorcerer. Guildmaster Shrike took notice of this spirit following Heivalur and crafted this ring for them both. Now, Martha could truly help Heivalur (as well as others that shared his ideals).

As an action, you can use the ring to summon the spirit of Martha that assumes the form of an unusually intelligent, strong, and loyal steed. Appearing in an unoccupied space within range, Martha takes on the form you choose. Initially, Martha can only take on the form of a pony, but as you reach higher levels, she is able to take on more advanced forms. Martha’s stat block is identical the chosen creature except that her Intelligence is a minimum of 11 and her Charisma is a minimum of 20. While mounted on Martha, you may use her charisma bonus in place of your wisdom bonus for Animal Handling skill checks.

The ring has 24 charges, and each hour or portion thereof Martha is summoned costs 1 charge. While the ring has charges, you can use it as often as you wish. When it runs out of charges, it will regain all charges when attuned to a new person, but never for the same person again.

Advanced Forms

Level 4 - Warhorse
Level 8 - Hippogriff
Level 12 - Unicorn
Level 16 - Young Brass Dragon

Sentient Magic Item

The ring is possessed by the spirit of Martha, a pony that was saved from death by Heivalur. The ring was crafted by the guildmasters of Purity so that the pony could accompany Heivalur, and eventually other worthy heroes, on their adventures.

While attuned to the ring, you gain a growing obsession with staying clean and fresh-smelling. If you are dirty or smell bad, you must roll a d20. If you roll less than a 10, Martha refuses to be summoned and you lose 1 charge from the ring.

Also, you will be compelled to protect any animal (any creature with "beast" type) from harm. If you inflict any amount of lethal damage on an animal, Martha will refuse to be summoned until you have made amends for this act. If already summoned, she will immediately disappear.