Guild Quartermaster Luther

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Luther Hahn is a bluescale kobold monk from the Red Steppe who left his monastery to take a job running Purity's Humanoid Resources Department. He is a disciplined man who values order, honor, and tradition- which makes his job as Quartermaster all the more difficult. He is strict, fair, and absent-minded while exhausted.

He's rarely seen without a flagon of coffee in his hand at all times, and hasn't slept properly in weeks. Due to the stress of keeping the guild up and running, he has a habit of focusing too much on the paperwork, resulting in occasional trouble. Someone give this man a vacation.

Notable Underlings
Shelley Brandlee: titmouse kenku thief, mother of three
Eric Brandlee: raven kenku bard, married to Shelley
Hugh Mann: dwarven artificer, former ally of the Gold Ocean rat gang
The Rat Pack (former Gold Ocean gang): a group of rats that manage the Guild archives, run messages, and perform general maintenance