Eyepatch of Divination

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Artwork by Aaron (Armahillo)

Wondrous Item, Very Rare (requires attunement)

To attune, you must wear the eyepatch during a long rest. The effects persist until you take a long rest without it on. While attuned, you cannot be surprised if you are conscious and gain advantage on Initiative rolls. However, you also have disadvantage on all Ranged Attack rolls and Wisdom (Perception) checks.

Additionally, after a long rest, roll 2 d20s. These results may be substituted for any two rolls made by anyone you can see. You can spend one per round, before the roll is made. Once spent, they cannot be used again. If you take a long rest, any unused dice are lost. These dice do not stack with any other ability that grants you dice to use in this way, such as the Wizard School of Divination feature.


Currently in the possession of Gregor