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Game/Planning Resources


  • Player cheat sheet - printable reference with rules that are commonly looked up (status conditions, calculations, etc). Great for keeping book-opening to a minimum.
  • Player reference card - Info summary about all players present, useful for the DM when tracking statuses, hit points, etc.
  • 5e Dungeon Master Screen - Web page version of a DM Screen
  • The Grimoire - Searchable spell list

Encounter Building and Tracking


Map Makers





  • GM Tips: Geek and Sundry's ongoing Game Master tips videos hosted by Matt Mercer and more recently, Satine Phoenix.
  • Running the Game: Matthew Colville's step by step guide to being the dm. Very thorough (several videos in playlist).
  • WebDM: Weekly show about DM'ing and D&D in general.
  • How to be a Great Game Master: Comprehensive tips on how to be a better DM and a better player