Disciple of Xoglemoch’s Armor

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Armor (Studded Leather), rare (requires attunement by tiefling or evil-aligned humanoid)

This black leather armor, crafted from the skin of a demon, is thick and rubbery and inscribed with dark red runes marking the wearer as a disciple of Xoglemoch (a powerful Baatezu Duke). He only gives these to the highest level agents working within his empire, almost always a tiefling. Guildmaster Shrike was able to obtain a set for a mission to the world under Xoglemoch’s control, though he hasn’t offered up an explanation of how he was able to.

Once attuned, this magic armor grants a +2 bonus to armor class, and you have advantage on saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities.

If worn by a non-evil and non-tiefling, that character takes 1d4+1 fire damage each round.

Owned by Misericorde