Conrad Erban

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Born to a pair of low-ranking nobles in yuan-ti society, Conrad was raised in a privileged household thanks to his twin sister's status as an abomination. He'd spend his days sneaking into the kitchen and sneaking food from the cook; when he was feeling generous, he'd share it with the local street kids. Eventually, the cook wrung him by the ear and made him work in the kitchen. He took to it well, wielding his knives with grace and artistry. The coordination he gained bolstered his sword fighting skills and his confidence.

As he grew older and was expected to follow in his family's footsteps, Conrad found himself concerned with only two things: good food and getting laid. He seduced his way into many beds, searching out info for blackmail while his lovers slept. Eventually, he caused a scandal through a (mutual) affair with a priestess of Tyche engaged to a high-ranking noble as part of a political alliance. It didn't get better when he had a separate affair with her fiance. (This boi is not picky.) Rather than face the consequences, Conrad snuck out of the city and struck out on his own (with Lady Luck's blessing, of course).

Conrad was working as a street vendor when he encountered a bard from Purity. Shocked and amazed by the dwarf's storytelling capabilities (partially due to a minor aneurysm), he decided to join Purity to see what other curiosities he could find. (And have a place to stay between torrid affairs.) With enough practice, he learned how to fight with two swords.

He has a scar cutting across the left side of his face from when his sister's snake heads attacked him as children. He doesn't bear her any ill will, and wishes she'd find some mental clarity one day so she can come travel with him. In his free time, he works as a male escort known as "The Gentleman Caller."

LEVEL 2: Was turned into a barbed devil and nearly died on his first mission. Obtained a fancy hat.
LEVEL 3: Killed a few goblins and nearly died, befriended some children, and did many awful (and potentially kinky) things to Krampus.
LEVEL 4: FINALLY bought his own swords and nearly died to some fake snakes LEVEL 5: ???

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