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Starting Point

Our campaign takes place in the City of Sigil, also known as "The Cage" or "The City of Doors," where your character finds the adventurer's guild, Purity. The city is a dynamic, dangerous, and ever changing place that you will soon all find yourselves a part of, for better or for worse. To get a better picture in your head of what this city is really about, you can read a little bit more about the city.

A mission accepted from Purity can take you to the far corners of the multiverse and back again.

Sigil, the City of Doors

It’s considered by some to be the jewel of the Outlands, the nexus of power of the multiverse, a place of great beauty or ugliness. Every day in Sigil, deals are made that seal the fate of hundreds and thousands, negotiators barter for peace in the Blood War, and factotums seek the truth to the meaning of everything. People die, ideals are born, and great power is wielded with the flick of a finger.

Sigil is a place of contradictions. It’s the center of an infinite multiverse. It’s an embattled neutral ground in a battlefield of philosophy. It’s the City of Doors and yet it’s called the Cage. It’s home to pit fiends and solars, devas and yugoloths, all living and drinking and socializing in more or less peaceful state.

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The Guild

As members of our drop in D&D games, your characters are already a part of an elite, high brow guild known as Purity.

Purity is a guild with many endeavors. The most interesting of these is that it hires out adventurers to perform work in all corners of the multiverse. It's history is one of much contention, and no two guild representatives will likely give the same story to its founding and growth.

Those seeking to join Purity as members find it in the Guildhall Ward. The grand entrance leads off to many hallways that may lead to everything from a mess hall to tiny offices to even cramped laboratories.

  • So what, adventurer, has brought you to the guild, and why? Are you fresh on the streets from another dimension, or have you been a part of this world for quite some time now? Just something to think about before you sit down at the table.*