Bardon Forin

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Middle-aged rockgnome alchemist. Former intern at Seacove Lab. Former scientist and resident at Purity Guild. Current scientist at Seacove Lab.

After being fired from Seacove Lab, Bardon collected his documents and materials and continued his research independently. When lead alchemist Rashban Tarnel ordered the research to be detained and Bardon apprehended, the hired team of Purity recruits (Dameon, Elrob, Turock, Alluron, Skeith, and Morrakir) instead secretly granted Bardon sanctuary at the guild, where he began his work afresh.

Bardon has been provided housing within the guild as well as access to one of the guild's alchemy labs, on the condition that he share his progress to Purity's benefit.

As of Slimescapade's resolution, Bardon Forin was pardoned of all charges and hired in full at Seacove Lab. He has left Purity's sanctuary and has returned to his own mansion in Seacove City. To show his gratitude to the guild, he now offers his specialty items through the Guild Shoppe.