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Agata is from a tribe she lost; she doesn't know what other people call them. This makes it difficult to get help to find them. (ìThey have normal hair and wear their clothes right.î)

She lost them by falling asleep in a magic cave. After she woke, she chased down and murdered her fleeing doppelganger in front of a tribe that's not her tribe in a land that's not her land. That tribe wasn't sure what was going on but gave her supplies and told her politely but firmly to leave.

She wandered around the land working as a bodyguard for travellers. Eventually, she takes a job with someone from Sigil and instead of leaving the local talent local; she hauls loot through the portal accidently leaving her employers behind. She continues to look barbaric and smack people around for money.

Agata gets an invite to Purity through helping out a particularly delicate wizard with connections to the company in a bar fight.


Born to the Peat Norm tribe, Agata spent her childhood following the hunter/warriors and slacking off when being encouraged to learn anything other than hunting and fighting. She considers this time well spent, thriving as she grew into a hunter for her tribe. Often leaving camp for days on her own, she'd proudly tell anyone about the game sheís brought down.

One night after returning from a long hunt, Agata was intercepted by one of the Shaman's apprentices, Brun, as she was going to home. Brun needed to retrieve a gerregery and assured Agata that it would only take an hour or so to get, but during this time someone had to stand watch over the cave near camp. Agata owed Brun the favor and made the mistake to agree to stand watch. Instead of standing watch at the front of a single entrance cave, she was led to the very back to an open area filled with old pottery and paint all over the walls to stand in a large circle with a lamp and crystal. Warned to stay in the circle and break the crystal if anything happens, Brun leaves. Hours pass and Brun never returns, Agata first sits, then lies down, then rests her eyes for a moment.

The next morning Agata wakes furious at Brun for never returning and hurries down the narrow path to the cave entrance, ahead of her she sees a tall woman with a mohawk. Agata jogs after the woman; the woman gives a terrified glance behind her and starts running. Agata chases the weird woman and confronts her in front of camp. The woman is Agata. Both women are Agata. Meanwhile, the people standing watch for the tribe are more than a little alarmed. They see: twins approach camp, one tries to murder the other with a javelin and the other loses her mind and throws a lantern at the javelin thrower, the thrower bursts into an excessive amount of flames, the remaining is yelling about how irresponsible Brun the Shaman is. There's no one named Brun in camp. After a confusing discussion with their Shaman, Norman, Agata may or may not be another evil spirit out to get this tribe, so they give her supplies and direct her where they think the nearest tribe might be. That wasnít her tribe either.

Agata spends the next year travelling on her own until she finds a city. Going into a bar for a drink, she runs into Oksana, an older traveling merchant that just lost her bodyguard. Oksana persuades Agata to travel with her and look extra menacing when she makes deals on "acquired goods" and introduces Agata to the pleasure of capitalism at its finest. In exchange of beating people Agata gets easy food and faster travel. She never finds her tribe in this land. After Oksana retires, Agata continues with similar jobs moving further and further from the original lands near the cave. One day she acts as guide and translator for Christina and Roger to retrieve stolen chest from a local orc tribe. They return to town and as Roger and Christina bicker about how to move the chest through the portal without closing it, Agata, thinking it's one of those magic things, and just picks up the chest and walks through. The portal closes behind her leaving the two. Luckily the other side opened to the owner of the chest, Agata gets paid for the retrieval and now works in Sigil. Years later during down time between jobs, she participates in a bar fight started by a really squishy wizard, Brontil, she notices them trying to beat an elf with a chair and failing to pick up said chair. She could get behind the sentiment and lends a hand. Afterwards, Brontil introduces itself as a contractor for Purity and finagles her invite for their mercenaries to return the favor, "Because that's what brutes do for a living, right?" Agata doesn't disagree with mentality.

Character Sheet

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