2018-11-17 - The Rat Pack Strikes Back and Launches an Attack

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Session Overview

17th November 2018
Players present

The Plot

Iotas, Gregor, William, Hain, and Kaladan were to participate in a city-wide tournament hosted by the Guild. It was going to be a fun-filled day of fighting, festivities, and food.

And then the ratmen attacked.

The group put down a squadron of armored ratmen from the Gold Ocean gang. Gregor noticed a few of the ratmen were actually mechanical constructs powered by cranium rats. Ratbots, if you will. At the end of the fight (which startled a lot of Sigil's non-Guild residents), the group took a ratman named Tim hostage.

Guild Quartermaster Luther met with the group and helped interrogate Tim, who said the squadron came in through the sewers. The attack was part of a grandiose revenge plan to get back at the Guild for taking their land and stealing a bunch of cough medicine. Luther sent the group to finish off the rest of the rats, despite Tim's insistence that a Giant Rat would come after them.

The party backtracked through the basement discovered in BARDQUEST. Tim joined the group as far as the entrance, where Gregor tried to forcibly rip off Tim's armor (and took some fur with it). Tim went crying off into the distance as the party planned their invasion.

Two teams of rats set up a flamethrower trap in one of the smaller rooms. The party dispatched them, and Gregor got two (limited-use) flamethrowers. Further down the hall, they discovered the rats were scrapping old Guild equipment for their projects, which mainly consisted of more ratbots and electrical weapons.

After webbing up a ratman guard and freezing him to a nearby toilet, the party encountered the remainder of the Gang's assault force in the sewer entrance (as well as a meat chandelier made out of a landshark skull). Rather than a direct attack, Kaladan cast Sleet Storm (? Please confirm), effectively disabling the rats and their bots from doing anything. Iotas turned the ratmen's apparent leader into a kitten. Gregor picked off the entire squad using Spiritual Guardians.

Having frozen their enemies to death, the party put the rat-kitten in a sack, retrieved the ratman stuck to the toilet, and returned to the Guild. Luther took the hostages for "questioning" and lauded the group for a job well done. Payment was given, and the rats were defeated.

Or were they?

DM Notes

If it were formally timed, the final battle would have taken place in about two minutes