2018-10-17 Destroy those thieves

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Session Overview

17 October 2018
Players present


TL:DR The Group is sent to destroy a group of thieves who are practicing slavery, they succeed and find something troubling.


The group is enjoying a pint and conversation and catching up on guild gossip in the tavern when a guild runner comes up to them and states that there is a quest that has been posted. They were led to one of the lesser guildsmen who gives out quests and he explained the minor details of the quest and the location of it, and just like that the party was off on an adventure. They meet with the mayor of the city and are given the quest to investigate and then destroy the group of thieves who are putting cityfolk into slavery.

The Investigation

The members of the group who who worked in this city before remembered the talk of an information broker in the city, the group talks to the broker who points them in the right direction.

The Hideout

The Group finds a large two story building with some stacks coming out of the top of the building, the group easily dispatches the groups of thieves that they come accross as they guiley bring the thieves out of thier hiding spots.

Boss Fight

The group comes to the final room where a large man and four thieves are discussing some business, iota attempts to use his disguise abilities but is easily found out and battle ensues, the large man flies into a rage and swings his greatsword at the group which Neville Chamberlain responds with a snap of his fingers and the boss is banished for ten rounds. the group then easily finishes off the minions of the boss and wait for the boss to come back, and when he does he is pummeled from all sides. Once he finally dies a brain with furry limbs appears near the body and the battle continues as they face the new menace which eye's Neville Chamberlain greadily. They kill the intellect devourer and find in the back of the room a large rent in that leads down into the darkness below.


They report back to the mayor what they found and while the mayor is alarmed about the findings he still pays the adventurers and the groups heads back to the guild.

Character Deaths


Treasure Awarded