2018-10-10 Investigate those thieves

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Session Overview

10 October 2018
Players present


TL:DR The group got into a bar fight, paid someone for information, saved some people, destroyed two operations of a thieves guild.


The group is enjoying a pint and conversation and catching up on guild gossip in the tavern when a guild runner comes up to them and states that there is a quest that has been posted, and that since there group was the only one in the tavern consisting of more than 2 individuals they had the luck of being picked for it. They were led to one of the lesser guildsmen who gives out quests and he explained the minor details of the quest and the location of it, and just like that the party was off on an adventure.

The Investigation

Our intrepid adventurers were hired by Mayor William to investigate a group of thieves that had been operating in the city, this group of thieves the guilds people of purity had run into before and exterminated then, but the mayor is convinced now that the guild is multiheaded and requested the guildsmen to investigate and possibly exterminate the heads of thief’s guild. Most of the party after some minor conversations decided to start in the slums of the city and one decided to go to the merchant’s quarter to observe the area for thieves. ivar,Marlow and Litanya went to the busiest bar in the area they ended up wandering to and questioned the barkeep about the thieves guild. After some initial questioning by ivar who was fooled by the barkeeps lies litanya decided to put some pressure on the barkeep, which ivar followed up with a quick one two hit combo with his staff to the barkeeps face. After ivar's brilliant opening surprise attack the combat which followed which included the 10 "patrons" of the bar the group managed to capture the barkeep and also what appeared to be a runner. the group questioned the barkeep and discovered that he was indeed part of the guild which was named the Shadow Daggers. The group turned the barkeep over to the local guard for more questioning as marlow ingeniously followed the runner who they had let go which led marlow to the location of the thieves guilds hideout...alone.

In the meantime dontrial who had been staking out the market district had captured a young boy who he noticed picking other people’s pockets and pressed the young boy for information, the young boy insinuated that he knew an information broker who could sell the information they needed, so dontrial told the young boy to take him to the broker and paid him upfront. The young boy took off immediately after being paid and ran towards the destination taking a circuitous route attempting to lose dontrial but was unable to so he led him to the broker. on the way there ivar and litanya saw dontrial chasing the boy and took off after him not knowing what was going on. They all followed the young boy to the broker who sold them the information about the guilds hideout, which they headed to and found marlow standing in the middle of the road, and as they approached the more aware of the group noticed a couple of shadowy figures snap their fingers and stop observing marlow as they faded into the area around them.

The Hideout

After arriving at the thief’s hideout, which turned out to be a three-story building the party split up. litanya climbed the outside of the building in wild shape form of a gorilla, while the rest went in through the only visible door. litanya broke through a window onto the second floor, and the other came into a room that looked like a place to show good's off, they quickly went into the next room and killed multiple thieves who were waiting for them. they then moved onto the kitchen and freed a couple of people who were chained to the central table and then moved to the stairs leading up. litanya in the meantime was bashing a magic box that once it broke exploded in a magical force that flung her across the room and also alerted two thieves who came into the room. ivar snuck up behind a man who was standing outside the room and bashed him from behind with his staff, and then discovered the man was what looked like a manservant, he shrugged and then moved into the room and helped litanya finish off the two thieves. one of which marlow convinced to surrender, while the man had surrendered ivar walked up and brought his staff down onto the back of the man’s neck snapping it and killing him as he kneeled there in surrender. the group moved up the last set of stairs and litanya broke down a door which led into a room with multiple tables and a couple of men shackled to the tables who told the group they had been forced to make potions for the guild. the alchemists gave a potion of healing to the group and ran out of the building. they then walked up to the last door and marlow tried to diplomatically call through the door for their surrender and was rewarded with two arrows thumping into the door and coming out onto his side.

Boss Fight

The group decided diplomacy was not the course of action here and charged into the room with ivar running up to the man in the middle and attempting to staff him as well, while two archers on either side of the man shot at the rest of the group. marlows minion which had been doing wonderful actions all night shot one of the archers who failed his save and was put unconscious. dontrial cast heat metal on the boss which turned his chain shirt into a source of damage and he quickly fell to the attacks of the group. The group then finished the other two in the room.


The debrief of the group was very short as we had run slightly long, the group only got to receive there reward and a brief thank you before we broke up for the evening.

Character Deaths


Treasure Awarded

  • 350 GP Each
  • +1 Short Sword
  • 1 Healing potions
  • 20 +1 arrows
  • Blackened Chain shirt(nothing special about it, is just a black chain shirt)