2018-09-26 - Retrieve the Artifact from the fish people

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Session Overview

26 September 2018
Players present



The group is enjoying a pint and conversation and catching up on guild gossip in the tavern when a guild runner comes up to them and states that a guildmaster is looking for them to send them on a quest. The group goes to the guild master's office and meets with guildmaster Extront who informs them that they will be sent on a quest to retrieve a powerful artifact that is in the hands of some worshippers of Sekolah. The group is given a short time to prepare as they are informed the area they are going is near the water, then they are transported to the location.

The Path of Traps

The group cautiously approached the cave entrance to the area that the Artifact is rumored to be, after entering the cave and finding a large grotto with a small entrance on the far side the group enters and is promptly greeted by an animated pillar that speaks to them, it explains to them that they have entered a temple of Sekolah. The part questions the pillar for a couple of moments which happily answers any question asked and eventually it is revealed that the artifact they are seeking is held in the last room of the temple and that the creatures which inhabit the temple are suaghin's furthermore that there is two paths they could take. One would involve lots of fighting, and the other would involve lots of traps.

The group containing less combat focused people decided on the path of traps. The first room they came upon was a room that had 5 ft tiles that they discovered fell away, after experimenting the warlock decided to just eldritch blast the tiles and see if that caused them to fall, and so they found the safe path through that room, until they got to the door and tried to open it and found it was locked....and trapped. They panicked a little as the tiles behind them which were safe started slowly falling into the water far below them, but with a quick twist of tools Val giertz got the door unlocked and they safely got through.

The next room was a large room with a intricate begemmed mural on the floor, which after inspection turned out to be a pit trap luckily no one stepped on it. The group then went to the two doors which led out of the room, one was locked the other was not. When they opened the unlocked door...without checking for traps... they heard an audible click and heard a grating sound and the rush of water above them, and also to their horror noticed the door they had just opened led to a dark hole in the floor. so again with some quick work with her tools Val giertz opened the locked door as water started pouring into the room from the cieling and the group tumbled through the door quickly. the group closed the door quickly behind them and looked at it with trepidation as the sound of water increased but heaved a sigh of relief when the water did not go through the door.

The warlock Dreaming Arthettel turned around from the door and with his high perception noticed the tripwire that he was inches away from tripping, he backed away and noticed the large boulder that hanging precariously above the group, needless to say the group gingerly stepped over the trap while cursing the, sadistic in their words,suaghin who made the temple traps, they walked down the hallway after the tripwire and came to another door which while locked was not trapped.

In the next room the group discovered they were in a large room with two apparent doors, also in the room was four pillars with figures on fours sides and a line on the ground. their also was murals on the walls depicting those figures in specific orders as well as a lever in the center of the room which after observing the room had many tubes in the ceiling pointing at it. After some debating the group decided to try to rotate the pillars and found they could and they lined up the figures with the lines and tryed the lever using mage hand and one of the doors opened.

The group then sent one person into the next room which was a large circular room with narrow walkways around a central pit that water could be heard below from. when Kett entered he was gereeted by another animated pillar, this one was very cheerful and after being questioned revealed that its name was the trickster, which it was. after listening to the pillar they discovered that it either gave innacurate or not very helpful inormation and after looking around the circular room and seeing no doors they decided to head back to the pervious room and try the other door they had seen.

They inputted the mural combination in for this room and found a small triangular room that had a chest in the center and curtains in the corners,Val giertz cast detect magic and discovered multiple sources of magic including the chest and one source behind each curtain. Val giertz went to push one of the curtains back and suddenly the chest leapt at her and bit her. After a short battle in which acidic dart trap is set off they easily defeat the mimic and claim some gold and loot. but are sorely dissapointed when there is no other door in the room.

They head back to the room with the lever and input the last mural that they see which is not associated with a door, and lo and behold a secret door opens. they enter the room and see two treasure chests and some kind of pool with red liquid on the far side. They approach the chests with caution even going so far as to shoot one of them and find the chests are just that chests. they open the chests and find some interesting items including a floppy hat which Roondor the wizard puts on immediately since his had been damaged in the fight with the mimic only to discover it was a cursed item. As the wizard was discovering this Val giertz was checking the red pool and discovered it was a pool of healing water and decided to jump in and promptly discoved the catch to the pool, for one hour or until make a DC 14 wisdom save the imbider views all aquatic creatures as trusted friends. The rest of the group decided against imbiding the fluid. After making these discoveries the group looked around the room and did not see another door leading out from the room, so they trudged dejectedly back to the trickster and after more round about discussion learned that there was another door leading from the room, so they carfully searched the room and found the door.

Boss Fight

The group was elated and went down the new corridor they found and came to another door which they exited and found themselves in a curtained area that had a particular smell to it, after moving the curtain back on side they see a large pool of acid in the center of the room and a walkway on either side of the pool. The curtain being drawn back reveals the light from their torches and the enemies are alerted to their presence and combat starts. 4 suaghin warriors and one suaghin priestess stand at the far end of the room. Roondor starts off with a critical hit with a spell and freezes one of the suaghin warriors solid. Val giertz mechanical dog runs forward and engages combat with another suaghin as kett circles the pit to attack from another side. The suaghin that the dog is facing pushes it and the dog slips into the pool of acid, with which Dreaming Arthettel responds with a thorn whip and drags the suaghin into the pool after the dog. Rundolf and the priestess start trading spells back and forth after the priestess deals a devastating blow to Dreaming Arthettel. Elrick stands and fights the suaghin to a stand still and the combat progresses for a little while, with the suaghin who was dragged into the acid pool ending up dissolving to nothing after being pulled back into it by Dreaming Arthettel. Eventually the suaghin priestess is the last one standing in a last ditch effort she wields the powerful artifact and strikes at Val giertz dealing a large blow as Roondor shoots a beam of ice into the priestess ending her life.


The party stands Victorius!! They quickly retrieve the artifact and activate their armabands and transport back to the guild, Extront congratulates them and takes the artifact which he informs them is a legendary Magical artifact called a Vorpal Long Sword. He then pays the group the agreed upon 500 GP each and the adventure ends.

Character Deaths


Treasure Awarded