2018-08-27 Haunting of Harrowstone

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Session Overview

27 August 2018
Players present


Session 1 The characters were invited to the funeral of Professor Lorrimor in town of Ravengo. The Professors will is read and requests they stay in town to keep an eye on his daughter for awhile, and later deliver some dangerous books to Lepisdat University. The professor's journal indicates he was investigating a cabal of necromancers known as the Whispering Way at the time of his death and that this group has taken an interest in the ruins of the Harrowstone prison. The group learns a terrible fire occurred at the prison many years ago and it has been considered haunted ever since.

The group uses clues from the professor's journal to obtain a cache of ghost-busting supplies from a secret cache of the church of Pharasma.

The next day, the letter V is found written in blood on the Harrowstone memorial (a statute of the prison warden at the time of the fire). The group uses the Spirit Planchette to determine the person responsible is the old farmer Gibbs. He denies all knowledge of this, but evidence is found in and around his home implicating him. Gibbs is put under observation under the assumption he might be possessed...

Finally, the session concluded with the initial investigation of the Harrowstone grounds, including flaming/exploding skeletons and an animated executioner's scythe. The group has not yet entered the prison itself...

Session 2 The adventurers enter the second story of the Harrowstone prison and immediately experience a haunt representing the spirit of one of the five most notorious criminals in the prison at the time of the fire- the Piper of Illmarsh. Although a difficult battle, the group is able to dispatch the skeletons animated by the haunt, as well as a pack of stirges drawn to the Piper, and eventually put down the haunt itself (at least temporarily) with "haunt siphons" and positive/radiant energy.

A skeleton covered in chains and holy symbols is found in one of the second floor cells. On the first floor, the group finds stairs to a basement level collapsed by rubble--some kind of deliberate dead-fall was triggered to collapse the stair.

An inordinate amount of time is spent fighting doors that were slammed and magically locked by a haunt. The druid gets an interesting new tattoo from animated branding irons.

Finally, the group finds Vesorianna Hawkran, the ghost of the wife of the prison warden and she clues them into the larger story. The warden's ghost was holding the deranged spirits of the prisoners in-check, but recently whispering cultists performed a ritual at the prison that somehow captured or removed his spirit. Vesorianna feels the spirits growing in power, in particular the Splatter Man. She provides background on the four remaining spirits in the prison that must be defeated before they can escape into the world: Father Charlatan, the Mosswood Marauder, the Lopper, and the Splatter Man. She also request the adventurers to return the Warden's badge to her if they are able- to help let her spirit depart Harrowstone at last and rest.

The session concluded with locating some magical items specific to each spirit--the items have useful powers against their original owners, but their use also involves some potential danger.

Character Death s


Treasure Awarded

  • X number of gold
  • A Magic Item
  • A potion