2018-08-12 - Let's Go To Training Camp

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Session Overview

12th August 2018
Players present

The Plot

Illyn, Lock, Dreaming, Kett, and Zen are all new recruits to Purity. Following their orientation, they are accosted by Guild Quartermaster Luther and led to the Humanoid Resources office. The five of them will be sent to a training camp for a week as part of a potential recruiting venture. The group portal into the town of Wygot, a decent enough hamlet with some irritation towards Guild members.

The party makes their way to the Baskers' Inn for lodging, where they meet Morty Shercroft, their trainer/RA for the week. Morty runs through the training schedule and proves himself to be a bit of a tool. The group goes off to spend the rest of the day around town:
• Zen researches the town's history in the library and learns of an influential man named Doyle
• Illyn, Dreaming, and Kett hang out, with Kett acquiring some shiny objects
• Lock takes a nap, finds out the innkeeper's got a grudge against Morty for flirting with her niece Marple, and meets Marple, who seems stoned or at least very out of it

That night, Lock, Illyn, and Kett do some busking and give the town a more favorable impression of the Guild. As the party turns in for the night, Illyn notices some weird fungus in the room.

The next morning, Morty rouses the party early for training. Before any actual training happens, the party hears a shout from the upstairs level. Illyn rushes up (with the party in tow) to find Morty dead and covered in red, sentient slimes. After a brief skirmish, the party finds a secret passageway that leads into the basement. For good measure, Lock rolls up Morty's body in a blanket like a burrito and throws it in the bed. They do some exploring and fight a janitorial gelatinous cube that nearly kills Illyn and splatters all over Kett. One short rest and looting session later, they found Marple, or at least something that looked like her. You know, if halflings had giant red slime arms and hyperrealistic slime eyes.

As they square off against "Marple," Illyn nearly dies again and the party figures out the slime eats memories. Dreaming delivers the final blow by freezing what's left of the slime. Now finished with their mission, the party explores, loots, and finds a bunch of rats. Kett tries to capture a rat. Kett fails and the rats laugh at him. Back at the inn, the real Marple is alive and well, having survived an attack from the oblex slime. The party retrieves Morty and warps out to Purity. Luther's impressed with their progress and annoyed by Morty's death. On their way out of the HR office, Kett notices a rat jump out of his backpack and skitter off into the distance. He couldn't catch it, and it seemed to laugh at him.

But it's no big deal. What's the worst one rat could do?

DM Notes