2018-07-21 - Big Boss Beatdown

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Session Overview

21st July 2018
Players present

The Plot

Alternate session title: How to Beat a Boss in Less Than 10 Minutes

Gregor, Ishkur, Chyrran (spelling?), Iotas, and Fang Lau were summoned to the HR office to take on an urgent quest for Guild Quartermaster Luther. The red dragonborn involved with the Cult of Tiamat has been identified as Octavia. Trackers found her hiding out in an abandoned fort full of cultists in the mountains on the western edge of the Red Steppe. The party was charged with gathering more intel on their plan and stopping them from finding the other dragon masks.

Following their briefing, the party portaled out to the Steppe and directly into a mud puddle. As they neared the fort, they noticed a shanty town full of lizard folk about to be pillaged by a group of Red Raider orcs. Highlights of the ensuing combat included the following: • Gregor grappling the orcs' chieftain into a Cloud of Daggers • Iotas turning Ishkur into a triceratops, leading to the death of at least three orcs • Chyrran (spelling?) casting hideous laughter onto the chieftain, who found the bloody murder of her comrades quite hilarious As the battle ended, the priestess smoke-bombed her way out, leaving the chieftain behind as a captive. The local lizardfolk thanked the party and mentioned Octavia had coerced them into stealing gold and treasure from around the Steppe. Some of their brethren were hired or enslaved in the fort, but after a while it was hard to tell who went willingly and who was forcibly taken. The lizardfolk also asked if the adventurers could retrieve their religious idol from the fort. (They never got it back.)

During the party's attempt to interrogate the chieftain, it became clear she didn't care for their tactics and would rather die than be held captive. Gregor obliged and crushed her face with a hammer, much to the horror of the lizardfolk (who did not want to eat the body).

The party arrived at the ill-conceived fort and decided to enter through the back. Chyrran and Iotas disguised themselves as cultists while everyone else hid in the nearby stables. Surprisingly, the cultists didn't buy it and attacked. They didn't survive. The party explored the rest of the fort and found a room adorned with a lot of tacky drow décor and a room full of slightly miffed giant spiders. Not wanting another fight, they decided to skip the pleasantries and head down to the basement.

Once below ground, Chyrran and Fang Lau's owl familiar scouted ahead to find Octavia consulting with a drow woman about something. They relayed this information back to the party and formed a quick plan of attack. The actual attack proceeded as follows: • The party entered the chamber to find a battle-ready Octavia accompanied by a draegoloth • Gregor banished the draegoloth, who proceeded to high-tail it out of the basement and up to the surface • Fang Lau suggested Octavia surrender; using a portent from a divination monocle, Gregor made sure she did

The party captured a salty-as-hell Octavia and raided the rest of the castle. Their intervention stopped a political intrigue plot between the drow, dwarven Communists, and Cult of Tiamat to rid the Steppe of the orcs living there and cleanse the land through a draconic apocalypse. Everyone teleported back to Purity and turned in Octavia, delighting Luther and ending this campaign arc.

DM Notes

The final encounter for this session was supposed to be deadly. I was expecting death saves. That's D&D for ya.