2018-06-30 - Dragon Babysitters

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Session Overview

30th June 2018
Players present

The Plot

Aksius, Merovech, Istari, Iotas, and Tiak were summoned to the HR office by Guild Quartermaster Luther to investigate a disappearance in the Red Steppe. A dwarven cleric by the name of Fyodor went missing after returning from a research expedition to an abandoned mining town. One of the more interesting artifacts--a red dragon mask-- was also marked as missing, and Luther believes the two are linked. The party is supposed to take Fyodor alive and bring the mask back to the guild. Preferably without attracting the attention of any orc bandits.

The party arrived in the middle of the Red Steppe in front of a weathered obelisk. Two goat-riding kobolds (Ivan and Karl) were waiting for them and agreed to set up a perimeter. The party entered the obelisk and found a bunch of stables, riding gear, and work benches. Following noises from the stairs above, Tiak/Aksius opened the door and met a guard drake, which promptly attacked them. Iotas tried to tempt the drake with meat, but it was too busy attacking Tiak. Then its friends joined the fray from the upper level. Istari's sniping, Merovech's swordsmanship, and Iotas's jerky rations eventually brought the beasts down.

On the second floor, the party discerned they were in a deserted dragon hatchery created by some environmentalists and warmongers. After some investigation, they proceeded to the next level, a large room full of cages and stairs. As Iotas climbed a series of platforms on the walls to scout ahead, he felt pretty confident about the group's progress. Well, until he came face to face with a young black dragon. The ensuing commotion woke up its friend, a young red dragon (which Aksius promptly harvested for parts). Combat ensued, leading to the red one's death and the black one's surrender following some Draconic persuasion from Iotas (who promptly stole the dragons' small hoards).

The baby dragon mourned the death of its friend and complied with the group's interrogation. It was brought to the tower to guard a crazed dwarf who'd arrived there two weeks earlier for a rendez-vous. It mentioned another figure was going to meet the dwarf there. With some more persuasion and the promise of eventual freedom, the dragon agreed to be caged as long as the group got the dwarf to shut up. Istari took pity on it and left a small hoard of electrum and some alcohol behind. They left the dragon to discover inebriation and mourn its losses.

In the library, the party discovered Fyodor covered the place in religious propaganda for Elhonna and littered the place with books about the Cult of Tiamat. Hearing laughter from the top level, they realized Fyodor was on the roof. He was joined by a red dragonborn in splint armor and her giant wyvern. Combat ensued: the group killed the wyvern and captured Fyodor, but the dragonborn escaped in the fray.. Fyodor initially seemed willing to cooperate upon coming to his senses, but he was very cagey about providing information about his mission. From what the group did glean, he was sent by his kingdom to rendez-vous with the dragonborn with the mask. For kicks, Istari tried on the mask and briefly communed with the raging red head of Tiamat. He did not go insane.

The group released the drunk black dragon, who stumbled off into flight on the second floor. (Its fate is unknown.) Karl and Ivan tied Fyodor to the back of their goats and rode off into the sunset as the party returned to the HR office. Upon hearing that the Guild got duped, Luther thanked the party for their hard work and decided to look into the red dragonborn.

DM Notes