2018-05-19 Search & Rescue Gone Awry

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Session Overview

19 May 2018
Players present


The party was summoned to execute the search and rescue of a young girl who's mother was a prominent noble who had just moved to the area. The noble's name was Finona Wimbledon. Mrs. Wimbledon's assistant said that her daughter was unusual and a loner, and had gone missing several times previously. The family seemed to travel a lot.

The party went to the last known location of Mrs. Wimbledon's daughter (Azdrid)---Fell's tattoo parlour. Fell was a fallen Dabus who crafted expensive magical tattoos. After investigating Fell's locale they found a recently dug out hole in the back of his shop. They followed the hole down to an abandoned cellar where Quasits attempted to ambush them with a sleeping poison and pit traps. The party massacred the quasits and questioned one, who said that their master sent them to trap and help kill adventurers.

The party found a trap door leading down to a large underground lake. On the other side of the lake was another door. When attempting to use the boat to cross the lake, the party inadvertently rang the dinner bell of the Hydra that lay sleeping beneath the waters. With an ever smoking bottle filling the room with smoke, the party (and the hydra) were in a mass of confusion of hydra heads in the thick smoke that would not depart. NEville turned Ishkur into a shark, allowing him to do serious damage beneath the water, whilst the party realized that fire was most effective against the hydra's many heads.

After slaying the Hydra the party continued on down the passage to find that they had left the hive and were instead in the noble district (aka nobleton). They alert a hellhound and massacre it. They sneak into the noble's home and find documents indicating that this person is running a monster breeding and sales business known as "Savage Exports Incorperated" that has been doing business for over two hundred years all over various planes.

Ishkur stops an annoying harp from playing as the party uses familiars to search the home in search of Azdrid. Iotas attempts to convince a woman that he's one of the chefs in her home, only for the party to realize that the entire kitchen is run by quasits. More guard dogs descend an attack as the party questions the woman, who insists this is her home and that they must be mistaken because her daughter has returned safely to her. Ishkur slaughters the woman, and her corpse is revealed to be that of a cambion. The party finds Azdrid in her room unharmed but now officially an orphan, and takes her into custody of the guild.

Character Deaths


Treasure Awarded

  • 500 gold each
  • A boomerang of mistiness
  • A karras stone knife
  • A glamerweare outfit
  • Feather powder (3 vials)
  • Poison Gas Spray Purse
  • Manuel's polishing cloth