2018-05-09- Attack on the Safehouse of the Revolutionary League

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Session Overview

9 May 2018
Players present


The adventure begins with a trip to the Black Sail in the Lower Ward of Sigil, during which time the group is ambushed by cranium rats in the alley, the combat is "confusing".

Lady Junoia the sea elf fails to show at the Black Sail to meet the characters at the time agreed to in the previous adventure. However, she leaves a note with the bartender directing them to an address in the Hive, the slums of Sigil, where the group soon discovers she intends take them out entirely. Missy bravely climbs through a second story window and immediately falls through a trap onto spikes on the first floor. Ishkur fails to notice the building has a door, and smashes down a wall to get to Missy. Jeph levitates Missy back to the second story. Meanwhile Smokey enters the building is promptly put to sleep by a poisoned crossbow bolt from the wererat rogues inhabiting the structure. Heivular and Jeph make great progress in blasting the wererats with fireballs, when the Lady Junoia herself appears flying through the window and reveals her true form as a hidious ogre mage with bright white horns, blue skin, and smoking red eyes.  She hits everyone except Missy with a cone of cold. Ishkur charges and does massive damage, followed by relentless lightening bolts from Heivular.  The ogre mage turns invisible and flies out of the building, pursued by Heivular with his special googles.  As she realizes Heivular can still target her, Lady Junia opens a portal to the Demonweb to escape. Heivular follows and hits her one more time, turning her into a green mist, in the midst of a battle between drow and slaadi. Heivular escapes just before the portal to the abyss closes. Taking no prisoners, a very angry Jeph executes the last surviving wererat with a shocking grasp.

Exploring the rest of the safehouse, the group encounters coded documents indicating the wererats were affiliated with the Revolutionary League, the anarchist group of Sigil. The documents also indicate the Guild itself has become a target of the anarchists and they have "someone" on the inside. Finally, they also find poor guildmaster Nestor on a torture rack in a secret room in the safehouse (next to the Ogre Mage's bathtub, this is a very important detail). Going back to the Guild, the group confronts the impostor Guildmaster Nestor, who is actually a Yochol, the disgusting tentacled "hand maidens of Lolth". They successfully destroy the vile creature send it back to the abyss after suffering some serious injuries, but no fatalities. The Guild is extremely grateful for this menace being addressed and pledge to greatly increase their security screening procedures to prevent this from happening in the future. Unfortunately, the Tailsman of the Deep is at-large again since Nestor had been "replaced" when the previous group returned the item to the guild...

Character Death s


Treasure Awarded

  • special award from guild allowing each character an item up to 3,000 gp on the sane magic item pricing list (with option to buy up with your own gold)