2018-04-25 Harried in Hillsfar Pt. 4

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Session Overview

25 April 2018
Players present


The party was sent out by Horath to interrupt what they believed to be the last part of the prophecy of Hillsfar, which the guild believed was centered around an abandoned temple of Waukeen, as well as to search for a man named Erve, a priest who had been sent to the temple to catalogue graves a few days ago and never returned. After stealing some guild enchiladas, they arrived at the temple of Waukeen, an abandoned church with jet black gravestones. They found two cultists and some undead roth digging up the stones who immediately charged and attacked them. The cultists were clearly insane, claiming that they were only doing the bidding of the "dark prince."

They snuck into the temple and down the stairs into the crypts in the back. After realizing that there were clearly people down in the crypt, the party flung open the door in a surprise attack--instantly killing another cultist, and dragging the man they recognized to be Erve out of the hallway. Erve was under the influence of some sort of darker force, his face covered with a blurred black magic, and he called on his servants to protect the "braziers" as he struggled against the party. The party took out all of the cultists and destroyed the braziers using various methods, from physically knocking them over to using magical mayonnaise and orbs of force. When they finally destroyed all of the braziers and cultists, a black, fog-like force was forced out of Erves body and rushed to attack the party, but they stopped it in it's tracks with magic.

Erve became aware of his surroundings and was freed by the party. He thanked them for saving him and pointed out the inscriptions along the insides of some of the tombs--apparently many of these Waukeen followers had secretly been worshiping the demon lord Graztz. He gave them gifts as thanks and bid them farwell.

The party returned to the guild victorious to find a tavern party going on. Heivalur finally had the chance to use his negotiation skills to calm down a druken angry half orc, while others gambled and competed in knife juggling games and bardic music played on. Everyone bought stranged mystery potions from a mystery potion dealer in the corner of the room, who claimed that mystery potions are "the hot new thing with adventurers these days."

Character Deaths


Treasure Awarded

  • 200 gold per character
  • one vial of holy water each
  • one pair of eyes of minute seeing
  • one silvered +1 dagger
  • one batch of mystery potions