2018-04-14- Talisman of the Deep

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Session Overview

14 April 2018
Players present


The characters were invited to a secret meeting at the Black Sail, a rough tavern in the Lower Ward with instructions and material to cover any possible scrying capability of their Guild-issue armbands. A sea elf (Lady Junonia, House of Triton) made her case that the group should work for her to retrieve an artifact important to the sea elves (the Talisman of the Deep), instead of retrieving the item for the Guild. Created from the tears of a sea elf demi-god, the item was originally used in the closure of an underwater planar rift to Carceri over 1,000 years ago. However, the magic sealing the rift was disturbed when a Scarlet Brotherhood warship sank directly on the rift (see the prior session Tammeraut's Fate). The group agreed to meet her in 10 days with the item. The group then received the official quest from Guildmaster Nestor (to retrieve the same item) and did not reveal their encounter with Lady Junoia at first. Until Smokey revealed the truth and Nestor went bonkers! Nestor wanted them to find the sea elf and bring her to the Guild, but smooth-talking Heivalur convinced him to let the group undertake the original mission to obtain the Tailsman of the Deep first. The group was sent through a portal to a Yuan-ti ruin on the island Smuggler's Shiv. There they: reached an agreement with a black dragon to immediately depart (avoiding a fight), dispatched some minor ghouls with extreme spell fire power, and rescued some shipwrecked merchants about to be sacrificed in a cannibal ritual. The most daunting threat was T-rex encountered on an overland journey to the location where the Talisman was buried in a pirate's treasure. Lindal Tealeaf's nature abilities were able to discern the location to dig (based on a map and clues from the Guild), and a deep pit was uncovered, with water at the bottom. Dorastrix dove in and discovered an underwater passageway and a nasty type of mummy. Dorastrix retreated and Lindal was lowered into the pit as bait to get the mummy to come out. The plan worked and the mummy was blasted to pieces with lightening bolts and magic missiles. The lost pirate treasure was located in a dry tunnel around the U shaped bend, including the Talisman. The group returned to the Guild and Heivalur discussed with Nestor a plan to meet with the sea elf at the scheduled time, but to try to get her to go to the Guild to discuss and reach a peaceable resolution of the disposition of the Talisman.

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