2018-04-11 - Gull Harbor Ruins

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Session Overview

11 April 2018
Players present

The Plot

The Assignment

Guildmaster Shrike assembled a party of guild members for an important mission. As part of the summons, he even included a package for Misericorde, a stolen set of armor from the world they would be visiting. He explained that there lies a ruin in the mountain outside the small fishing town of Gull Harbor. The exact location was unknown, and the party would have to locate it upon their arrival. The ruin is thought to be expansive and well beyond the scope of a single guild mission. Further complicating matters, Gull Harbor’s world is extremely difficult to reach by portal or teleportation. The only known portal opens only once per year, so a more reliable and repeatable method needs to be established. The party is given a teleportation circle that must be assembled near the entrance to the ruin and would serve as the entry point for future expeditions into the ruins.

Shrike also informed the party of the political state of Gull Harbor. Its world is ruled by human warlords supported by a powerful Baatezu Duke, Xoglemoch. All other humanoid races have been subjugated. Elves are arrested or, more often, killed on sight. Most elves have already been wiped out, refusing to bow to the humans and devils even unto death. Any that remain are assumed insurgent forces. Tieflings are very rare, but are widely feared as they serve in the highest levels of the Benevolent Legion, Xoglemoch’s oppressive military force. Heivalur, the moon elf, would have to be very cautious with his appearance, and the tiefling rogue Misericorde would command a lot of fear and respect in her disguise but would be wise to tread carefully with that power.

Gull Harbor

Through the portal, the party found themselves on the edge of a farm about half a mile outside of Gull Harbor. Smokey thought to ask the farm residents, but didn’t find much help. So, the group made their way into the town and ultimately to the Rusty Scales, the inn and tavern. Misericorde, Tark, and Heivalur waited in the alley not wanting to draw too much attention to the party. Smokey led the way into the tavern, making fast friends with Barth, the rotund dwarves proprietor of the inn. Ultimately, one of the halfling servants, Clovis, agreed to lead them to the entrance to the ruins for a payment of 5 gold pieces, which Jeph offered up immediately for his help. Leaving the town with their guide, the party silently crossed path with four legionnaires on horseback. The lead rider took note of Misericorde and offered up an unknown salute. The other riders followed suit, but Missy made no response physically or verbally.

The Forest and Mountains

The group made good time up the mountain paths. Clovis seemed very nervous around Missy and made no complaints at the brisk pace set by the party members. A goblin ambush halfway up the mountain path was a minor nuisance to the party. On investigation of the goblin attackers, the group found shackles with broken chains and noted the emaciated condition of the goblins themselves. It seemed likely the goblins attacked an obviously more capable group out of desperation.

After a short rest, the party pressed on and soon reached an entrance into the mountain, overgrown with plants and the original wooden doors rotted off the steel hinges. On investigation, they noticed a small tunnel leading through the thick briars blocking the entrance. Jeph was able to assemble the teleportation circle with “help” from Missy and Heivalur. Smokey attempted to scout the opening in the brush, but didn’t make it too far before Tark and Ishkur each had one of his feet and trying to pull him free. With the primary part of the mission complete, they decided to burn out vegetation so they could also begin investigating the ruins themselves.

The fire was very effective at removing the brush and clearing out the entrance. Unfortunately it was also effective at producing a thick column of black smoke that attracted the attention of a particularly large and hungry hill giant nearby. The party was able to dispatch the giant, but not without taking some lumps (and getting bitten a couple times). Upon inspection, the found the giant also had shackles, supersized versions of what they saw on the goblins in the woods and marked with the symbol of Xoglemoch. With everything in place but the daylight waning, they set up camp for the evening.

The Ruins

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Character Deaths


Magic Items Recovered