2018-03-27 Harried In Hillsfar

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Session Overview

March 26 2018
Players present


This session was part three of a five part mini series for the Wizard's of the Coast Adventurer's League, entitled Harried In Hillsfar.

The party investigated the third and fourth of five prophecies told by a mad man just outside of the city of Hillsfar. Rumors have spread about demonic activity outside of the city. The adventurer's pursued the third part of the prophecy, which spoke of a Spring of Blessed Life in the area. Recent rumors reported that the Spring was haunted, and that adventurers who had set off towards the spring would never return. The party investigated and met a man named Wittel who had been attacked by "wild dogs" and begged the party to assist him in finding his now missing wife. Along the path they encountered strange fog, flashing lights, and shouting that seemed to come from nowhere. The party then stumbled upon two distressed looking humans. Two of the adventurers recognized the pair as jackalwares trying to lure victims to the spring, and a fight ensued. The party murdered several jackals and jackalwares and went to successfully find Wittel's wife at the spring. A very depressed Fairie dragon appeared out of nowhere, congratulating the party on a job well done, and explaining that she had creating all of the lights and effects to scare away innocent people from being attacked by jackalwares at the Spring. The party tried to cheer up her somber demeanor with some knock knock jokes before leaving.

The fourth prophecy spoke of Rothe creatures and possible undead. The party was tipped off to head towards a nearby Rothe farm, which was littered with dead Rothe everywhere, some of which had been dismembered. There were no farmhands or help anywhere. The party followed a trail to a nearby barn where they discovered a trapdoor. Before departing, they met a female elf who was a member of Lord's Alliance and offered the party funds for information about what had happened at the farm. She passed along the rumour that supposedly elves in the area used to consort with demons and devils in exchange for power.

The party traveled hundreds of feet down the stairs until reaching a room full of stone statues and a word puzzle. They easily solved the puzzle to speak the names of the stone statues and pass with (relatively little) damage taken. There were ornate, Elven crafted scenes of the abyss and demons all around them. They entered the next room to find nine portals in the shapes of demon maws. After attempting to get through many of the portals only to be spit out with a nasty bit of necrotic damage, the party finally found the eight portal to be the right one. They entered the next room to see a terrible sight- an elf cackling and covered in blood, having just finished a demon ritual, and standing in front of a huge corpse with the body of a human sewn onto the head of a Rothe. While the party shot and killed the elf instantly, the ritual had already begun. Large sacks of flesh began appearing and running across the room as sacrifices to awaken the beast that had begun to form on the slab before them, seeking to complete the ritual, while baboon like demons attacked the party and tried to keep them from interfering. The fight wore on until the party managed to slay all of the baboon demons and enough of the strange flesh monsters to end the ritual. They returned to the guild triumphant.

Character Deaths


Treasure Awarded

  • 200 gold from quest giver (per character)
  • 115 gold from nearby Faction member (entire party)
  • 100 gold worth of trinkets
  • A scroll of False Life
  • A scroll of Comprehend Languages
  • 2 runes