2018-03-10 - Tammeraut's Fate

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Session Overview

10 March 2018
Players present


Guildmaster Nestor sends the characters on a mission from the "Order of Opossum" to recover a missing druid or to at least find out what happened to him. The group easily finds the druid being fought over by two harpies intent on taking pieces of him as souvenir. One harpy is killed and the other driven off with the impressive fire power of the adventurers. A few feel the effects of the harpy's charming song, but manage to resist it before walking off the edge of a cliff into the sea. There are no wounds on the druid and Heivalur deduces he may have died of fright. The druid was a resident of the Firewatch Island Hermitage and the group takes a ferry to hermitage to investigate. The hermitage is located in an incomplete fort built between two rocky cliffs. A bell rings and a scream is heard as the ferry approaches the island. There are signs of terrible conflict and bodies having been dragged into the sea, but no immediate adversaries in the hermitage. Zedmore's detect magic helps uncover a secret door in the kitchen leading to a basement in which the group finds three survivors-- a cleric of the storm diety Procan and two other hermitage members (who appear like drowned corpse from a horrible disease). The survivors tell the group of an attack by walking corpses from the sea, with red eyes, that killed everyone they could and disappeared at dawn. The survivors are convinced the undead will return at nightfall.

The group finds journals and other evidence in the hermitage providing some background--the fort was originally built to guard against a potential Scarlet Brotherhood invasion (racist monks). The invasion came and the cleric of the fort prayed to Procan to smite the invading ship-- the Tammeraut. A great storm sinks the Tammeraut, but unfortunately it sinks on the location of an ancient portal to the abyss, disturbing the protective runes containing the evil of that place. The Tammeraut's crew is transformed into undead rise out of the sea to destroy the fort's occupants.

Sea hags are on the island, taking advantage of the chaos to loot the place. Dorastrix encounters a sea hag disguised as a dwarf in the cistern of the yard of the hermitage, and is pulled underwater and incapacitated. A battle ensues during which Jerrod cleverly uses Dust of Dryness on the cistern to eliminate the hag's advantage underwater and one of the hags is rendered ineffective by Zedmore's powerful mind-warping magic.

In the last part of the adventure, the group prepares defenses against the inevitable undead attack. The battle is fearsome as hordes of undead bash down the doors and swarm the fortress. Things look very grim for a time, but the adventurers prevail with fireballs and swords, Dorastrix burns the last of the undead into oblivion. The insane monk ninja leader finally succumbs to a flaming sphere. After this rough night, the group takes the return ferry in the morning and rescues the survivors.

Character Deaths

Many death saves, no deaths

Treasure Awarded

  • 200 gp per character (guild payment plus loot from hags)
  • Cap of Water Breathing- Dorastrix
  • Scrolls- Heivalur
  • Spellbook- Zedmore
  • Oil of slipperiness- Jerrod