2018-01-26 - Deliver the Packages

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Session Overview

26 January 2018
Players present

The Plot

Our group of heroes was roped into running an errand for the Halfling siblings Bourdin and Cici in exchange for Guildmaster Lillian's mysterious black box. In the middle of a city undergoing a civil war/turf war of a split guild, the faction Purity was supporting prepared that night to send out troops, meanwhile our small band of heroes went through sheltered and occupied city streets to set an explosive on the cliff face where the traitorous half of the guild resided.

Along the way they defended by attacking first a group of dangerous self-serving cutthroats. Our selfless heroes refused to be swayed by greed and purged the filth from the city, ignoring the offers of treasure without second thought. Then stacked them like Lincoln logs while they rested as a warning for other evil doers.

At the barricade to the occupied territory, a knock-kneed twig of a guard was drafted to assist the party with carrying their explosive backpack and provide grand moral support. Realizing that the lighting in this part of the town wasn't maintained they snuck quietly through the night, guiding their blind party members to avoid all but one opposing patrol. Which they beat down mercilessly through stealth, brawn, magic, and turning off the light.

Eventually the group found where the bomb must be placed. Then realized they hadn't asked how to set it up. But it turned out alright and they quickly ran away into the night because we were running out of time, narrowly escaping the fire filled golem that was spoken of prior in horrified tones by the local folk.

When returning to Purity, Lillian happily received her boxed and crushed it and it's contents ignoring the high pitched whistles/cries within and mailed the party members loot she found laying around.

The End.

Character Deaths


Magic Items Recovered