2018-01-22 - Investigate the Goblin Menace

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Session Overview

22 January 2018
Players present

We rejoin our brave adventurers as their are sitting in the tavern enjoying the glory of completing their last mission. But this quickly grows into a need to go on another quest so they gather what party members they can and head to the quest giver who offers them a choice of missions. They choose the mission to investigate the goblin menace that they ran into in their last mission.

They gather their gear and head out to meet with Lord Frederick who gives them more information and then sends them on their way. after a couple days of traveling and conversing with villagers and patrolling soldiers they finally get some clues as to where they need to go, the mountains!

They head to the mountains and come across a small goblin encampment that seems to be more a stopover point then an actual encampment and quickly dispatch 3 of the 4 goblins present, the fourth they took captive and attempt to question unfortunately none of the party understood goblin. After the failed attempt at questioning the party searched the area for any trails that lead into or out of the camp and they found two trails, one leading deeper into the forest and the other leading towards the mountain.

Once they get closer they finally discover the source of the goblin menace a cave in the side of the mountain which has impressive (for goblins) defenses, they approach the 8ft walls as stealth-fully as they could and about 200 ft away from the wall they were finally spotted by the goblins stationed on the wall. after a brief battle in which the goblins alerted the ones inside the cave that there were intruders and also revealed that the goblins had a crude yet effective catapult the walls were cleared of goblins mostly due to the amazing accuracy of Lorig the ranger. once the party realized that there were more goblins in the caves then what they could face they set the walls on fire and sabotaged the catapult and retreated, as they retreated they saw a large red goblinoid standing and shaking his fist at their retreating backs. They reported everything they saw and did and received their completion reward and a small bonus for the destruction they caused.

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