2018-01-14 - Save that Important Person

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Session Overview

14 January 2018
Players present
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Our intrepid adventurers were formally introduced to the Purity house where they were given their runed bracelets and given a short tour of the guild. After getting their tour the adventurers were given their first quest, which was to save some villagers from a goblin encampment.

They set out bravely and talked the local lord whose daughter was one of the ones kidnapped into giving them horses for the duration of the trip. as they rode out the village (some showing better skill at riding than others) that was attacked, they were ambushed by goblins the quick thinking bard cast a sleep spell (and rolled very well) and all the goblins were quickly asleep. the brave adventurers then dispatched the sleeping goblins quickly save one which the barbarian was told to hold onto for questioning. after a brief questioning in which the party learned of the goblin encampment and a path that would lead them to the camp,the barbarian named the goblin Steve and got attached to it, but the rouge decided the goblin had served his purpose and decided to use his bow to dispatch the goblin which the barbarian was still holding. showing some amazing reflexes the barbarian got out of the way of a very poorly aimed arrow but the poor goblin she was holding was struck instead.

The party decided to use the path to get to the encampment, as it was approaching night by the time they reached the camp they camped overnight. in the morning they ran into the goblins leaving their camp on the path for a raid. they dispatched the 8 goblins but got extremely beat up in the process (some of which came from friendly fire). The party decided to press on and came to the edge of the clearing that the camp was located in they took a short rest before coming up with a plan on how to attack the camp and rescue the villagers. in a stroke of genius the druid suggested that he should scout the camp beforehand using his beast-shape to become some small innocuous creature. after scouting the camp they started to implement their plan only for the poor druid who had a brilliant idea to run into a stroke of bad luck as he accidentally set off a a tripwire which was connected to a couple of bells which alerted the goblin camp to the danger. after a long fight in which again the poor druid ended up losing his life to the goblin chieftess who was a evil cleric the party was able to rescue the villagers.

The party then looted the goblin camp and returned the villagers and the lords daughter successfully completing their quest. they returned to the purity house and received their runes for completing the quest and they also met up with their poor druid who had been transported back before the rest of the party.

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