2018-01-10 - Go Get the Box!

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Session Overview

10 January 2018
Players present

Guildmaster Shrike summoned a party of guild members. He set them upon a task of retrieving an item he had commissioned from a skilled tinkerer. He warned them that the tinkerer lived in a forest known to be dangerous for regular folk, but that shouldn't prove much difficulty for capable adventurers.

So, the group set out, consisting of Jeph the sorceress, Sariel the warlock, Ishkur the barbarian, Maleta the paladin, and Samuel the monk. They found the home of Falwell the tinkerer, and after some encounters with bears and goblins and imps and robot guard dogs, they were able to find their way inside. The new difficulty was then revealed that Falwell had been killed before their arrival. Complicating matters, the party realized they neglected to ask Shrike what exactly he'd commissioned Falwell to make for him.

The party found a square shaped spot open in a broken chest that seemed likely to have been left behind by the thing they were sent to retrieve. Upon further investigation of the house, the party was attacked by Shadows. The group was able to survive the attack and return to Shrike, not with his requested item, but with the body of the tinkerer Falwell. Shrike wasn't too surprised at the news and inspected the body. He waved the guild members on to receive their payment, since they had technically done what was asked and the failure deemed not to have been avoidable.

Character Deaths


Treasure Awarded